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JRPMS Vol 2, No 2, June 2018, p.67-71

doi: 10.22540/JRPMS-02-067


Case Report

Acute compartment syndrome of the foot after an ankle sprain: a case report

Christos Christoforidis, Panagiotis Lepetsos, Stamatios Papadakis, Anastasios Gketsos, Theodoros Balfousias, George Macheras

  • 4th Orthopaedic Department, KAT Hospital, Athens, Greece

Keywords: Acute compartment syndrome, Ankle sprain,Fasciotomy, Muscle necrosis, Intracompartmental pressure


The aim of this study is to report the case of a patient with an acute foot compartment syndrome after an ankle sprain, discussing the diagnostic challenges and rarity of such an uncommon complication of a very common and low-trauma event. A 19-year old young man presented at the emergency department for a twisting injury of his left ankle. Physical and radiological evaluation revealed a 2nd degree lateral ankle sprain and the patient was treated conservatively. Two days later, the patient returned to the emergency department, late at night, with worsening and excruciating pain of his left foot and inability to walk. Physical evaluation showed severe swelling of the left foot and decreased range of active and passive motion. X-rays and CT scan were negative for fractures. An emergency fasciotomy of the lateral and medial compartment of the foot was performed and necrotic muscle parts were removed. Postoperatively, patient’s symptoms were controlled and a week later he was discharged from the hospital. Twelve months later, the patient is pain-free with full range of motion of his left ankle and foot.