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JRPMS Vol 5, No 1, March 2021, p.25-28

doi: 10.22540/JRPMS-05-025


Mini Review

Nurses as educators of diabetic foot patients

Antonia Tassiou

  • Vascular Surgery Clinic, General Hospital of Attika “KAT”, Athens, Greece

Keywords: Nurse, Diabetic foot education, Prevention, Care, Rehabilitation


The present article is a mini review on the multi-faceted role of the nurse in relation to the education of the patient with diabetic foot disease, a severe medical condition with worldwide prevalence and immense financial and clinical implications. We present a mini review based on scientific articles written in English concerning the role of the nurse in the areas of prevention, care and rehabilitation focusing on their contribution in educating the diabetic foot patients and their relatives to recognize the symptoms of diabetic foot, helping them follow simple and basic rules that will prevent the onset or further development of the disease, informing them as to the available treatment options during care and eventually supporting them in the road to lead a fulfilling life.