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JRPMS Vol 3, No 4, December 2019, p.113-122

doi: 10.22540/JRPMS-03-113


Mini Review

Effect of estrogen on bone cells: what is new?

Efthymia Karlafti, Kalliopi Lampropoulou-Adamidou, Symeon Tournis, George Trovas, Ioannis K. Triantafyllopoulos

  • Laboratory for Research of the Musculoskeletal System “Th. Garofalidis”, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, General Hospital of Athens KAT, Greece

Keywords: Estradiol, Osteoporosis, Osteoclasts, Osteoblasts, Osteocytes


After the observations of Fuller Albright, that the loss of estrogen in women is related to osteoporosis, many studies have proved the principal role of estrogen in the regulation of bone metabolism in both genders. Apart from studies that have proven the protective effect of sex steroids on bone resorption, later studies have focused on the effect of sex steroids on osteoblasts, osteocytes and bone lining cells. These studies came to the conclusion that sex steroids contribute to bone formation directly and regulate bone adaptation to mechanical load. Further studies will have to be made to help us clarify the mechanisms by which sex steroids affect bone cells and their function, especially regarding bone lining cells.