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JRPMS Vol 4, No 4, December 2020, p.125-129

doi: 10.22540/JRPMS-04-125


Review Article

The role of bisphosphonates in success and survival of dental implants - effects in osseointegration

Theodoros P. Tsikouris1,2

  1. Private practice dentistry, Athens, Greece
  2. Postgraduate program of Metabolic Bone Diseases, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Keywords: Bisphosphonates, Dental implants


The purpose of this study was to research published studies concerning the effect of bisphosphonates in the success and survival of dental implants. An electronic PubMed search was conducted and we have included clinical trials as well as reviews which include human and animal studies. The most common complication in the published literature for bisphosphonates and dental implants was found to be osteonecrosis of the jaw. As a result, we focused in non-osteonecrosis studies. The results of our review are mixed and there is lack of consensus concerning potential beneficial or detrimental effects of bisphosphonates and osseo-integration of dental implants.