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JRPMS Vol 1, No 1, September 2017, p.5-9

doi: 10.22540/JRPMS-01-005


Case Report Article

Application of a sonication fluid vial culture method to diagnosis of prosthetic knee joint infection caused by Granulicatella adiacens

Anna B. Mavrommati1, Pavlos C.Thomaidis1, Nikolaos T. Roidis2, Spyros D. Kamariotis1, Athanasios G. Adamopoulos1, Antonios E. Stylianakis1

  1. Laboratory of Implant Associated Infections, Department of Microbiology, Athens, Greece
  2. 3rd Orthopaedic Department of “KAT” General Hospital, Athens, Greece

Keywords: Sonication fluid vial culture, Granulicatella, Prosthetic joint infection, Nutritionally variant streptococci, Arthroplasty


Prosthetic joint infection is a rare but severe complication of arthroplasties, quite challenging to diagnose, especially when the pathogenic microorganisms are difficult to isolate. Granulicatella, a nutritionally deficient microorganism, is a normal component of the oral flora which under specific circumstances may be pathogenic. We report a prosthetic knee joint infection by Granulicatella adiacens, 8 years after total arthroplasty, on 76-a yearold woman. Laboratory diagnosis was achieved via a novel combined technique, using the pioneering sonication method on the implant and inoculation of the sonication fluid in a pediatric blood culture bottle (sonication fluid vial culture). This technique requires further investigation since its promising results appear to open a new direction in diagnosis of prosthetic joint infections